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It may therefore be worth your while to become a member of the LRKC if you are not yet a member!We have lots of photographs of previous years' LRKC FTs, as well as the 2016 Champions Stake. The View Sheets are large documents and will take time to open.

Note the number/s indicated below each of the photographs you want to order in an e-mail to Renier ([email protected]) 3.The following members were elected to the LRKC Management Committee at the time of the AGM and office bearers elected at the subsequent first Committee Meeting: After a break of two years Gerhard was elected back as non-voting 11th Committee member, but following the resignation of Chester Smant, Gerhard filled the position of a full voting member of the Committee for 2017that served the LRKC as Vice-Chairman, Field Trial Manager and Trophy Secretary for the last three years.We will miss you Kevin, but understand that you wanted to take a break!DOWNLOAD AND PRINT THE FOLLOWING PERTAINING THE AGM: Approved Chairman's Report Approved Annual Financial Statements Approved Minutes of the AGM 2016 KUSA Approved Amended LRKC Constitution Draft Minutes of the AGM 2017 LRKC First Open Show Sponsored by Judge: Mr Roy Clarke Before the show started club members expressed their support and solidarity with our former chairman, Mr Stafford Baker (Marsta), diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, by wearing silver hats.

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Dimeche Kennels' Chester Smant and his daughter wore special T-shirts to show their support for Stafford.

Why not getting to know the breed better and how to best care for the special needs of the Labrador Retriever by joining the LRKC?