Shutdown pc while updating

24-Oct-2017 04:52

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Before I start any upgrade process I always ensure that my laptop will not Sleep when plugged in. If it does not boot, well, you may have to reinstall Windows 10, using Media Creation Tool or Windows Upgrade Assistant, ensuring that the ‘Keep personal files & data’ option is selected during installation.In Windows 10, you will get the setting under Setting As long as the circle animation is moving, don’t do anything. Anand Khanse is the Admin of The Windows, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP.I have had the same issue on other computers the hangs for me were after the reboot starts and you get the blue screen that says not to turn off your computer window is conviguring your computer. There are several threads on different updates that are causing multiple issues for people.Last resort unplug your notebook and remove your battery that will shut it down.This article will help you to disable Install windows update and shutdown in Windows 8.

May b next time you need to boot up your PC quickly, but the previous pending update operation will not let you do that.

For example, if Carbonite is in the middle of backing up a music file and you turn off your computer, the backup will be resumed at that music file.

During your initial backup, we suggest keeping your computer powered on and connected to the Internet to ensure that your backup completes as quickly as possible.

I tried to force shutdown by holding power button but my computer just goes into sleep mode, and waking the computer back up brings it to the same installing updates screen. If the computer goes to sleep when you hold the power button, just continue holding it and it should shutdown in a few more seconds.

Otherwise, since you have a removable battery, just unplug the adapter and remove the battery as Clintlgm suggested if it's really necessary, but holding the power button longer should work as well if you want to try it.But there have been reports that it even takes 7 hours! Never make the mistake of shutting down your laptop, else you never know, the PC might just not boot! After patiently waiting for over 2 hours, I decided to go to sleep.

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