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The Open Build Service provides software developers with a tool to compile, release and publish their software for many distributions, including Mandriva, Ubuntu, Fedora and Debian.It typically simplifies the packaging process, so developers can more easily package a single program for many distributions, and many open SUSE releases, making more packages available to users regardless of what distribution version they use. By default, Open SUSE uses Delta RPMs when updating an installation.This is based on the rolling development code base called 'Factory'.Other tools and applications associated with the open SUSE project are Ya ST, Open Build Service, open QA, Snapper, Machinery, Portus and Kiwi.In the past, the SUSE Linux company had focused on releasing the SUSE Linux Personal and SUSE Linux Professional box sets which included extensive printed documentation that was available for sale in retail stores.The company's ability to sell an open source product was largely due to the closed-source development process used.In addition, Novell discontinued the Personal version, renaming the Professional version to simply "SUSE Linux", and repricing "SUSE Linux" to about the same as the old Personal version.

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SUSE Linux' strategy was to create a technically superior Linux distribution with the large number of employed engineers, that would make users willing to pay for their distribution in retail stores.The community develops open SUSE collaboratively with its corporate sponsors through the Open Build Service, open QA, writing documentation, designing artwork, fostering discussions on open mailing lists and in Internet Relay Chat channels, and improving the open SUSE site through its wiki interface.