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18-Apr-2018 18:05

Some who engage in it contract sexually transmitted diseases.

Others suffer a loss of self-esteem and damage their conscience. No wonder that the Bible gives this command: “Flee from fornication”!

But what does a youth have to do before he or she is allowed to do so? Your life and the lives of others will be in your hands when you get behind the steering wheel.

In most lands you have to get some training and take a test before you are given that license. Well, marriage is also a very serious responsibility!

But if you are a teenager, you are probably in what the Bible calls “the bloom of youth.” (1 Corinthians ) You are just beginning to blossom into the man or the woman that you will eventually be.

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After all, God created man and woman to be attracted to each other.

If you are a teenage boy, are you prepared to get a job and care for a wife and possibly children?

Are you in a position to assist them in maintaining their spirituality? A wife is required to love and respect her husband; she must support the decisions he makes.

For this reason, teen romances tend to be very short-lived.

“When I’d date,” recalls one teenage girl, “it was usually on one week and off the next.” Clearly, it doesn’t make sense to date during “the bloom of youth.” It is best to wait until you know who you are, what your likes and dislikes are, and what goals you wish to pursue.

Feeling that she was too young to date, Jenifer turned down boys who asked her out. Jenifer recalls: “They made fun of me and joked about it.” No one likes to be ridiculed. The question is, Just how serious is it to spend time almost exclusively with someone of the opposite sex?

I asked one such pretty boy this very question, and he said, “Smart is the new black. I’m going to get that haircut I’ve been putting off. While I love fighting crowds on Michigan Avenue as much as the next person, and standing in long lines to purchase much too expensive items that will likely get used and then tossed, it’s time to get a little more sentimental. Why can’t the holidays be about more than something we will most likely play with for five minutes and then store in the back of a closet somewhere? There are numerous things you can do with pictures, thanks to … continue reading »

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